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Why does Treason Stickers exist?  Who cares about some stickers anyway?

Treason Stickers are one of many ways to express how many of us (let's face it, most of us) in the United States and the world feel about the current leadership by our [gag] 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. This is our version of TAKING ACTION versus complacently complaining.

The boring stuff some of you might care about.

  • Most of our stickers are printed on high-quality outdoor vinyl, guaranteed to not peel or fade for 30 years.  That's way longer that Trump's freedom
  • Stickers are a subtle way to express your feelings about our current administration. They are non-confrontational
  • Unlike many stickers out there, we're not a print on-demand company.  We invest real money on real inventory to make sure we're not only delivering something of value, but something that has STAYING POWER - literally

Common question: How can you be against Trump while you're selling stickers that ultimately support Capitalism?

Short answer:  We believe that our memes and social content are ways to draw people into our cause - they raise awareness.  Sometimes it costs money to raise awareness - again, these are outdoor quality vinyl stickers and they cost real time and money to make.

Long answer:  Capitalism is not evil by nature - it is very possible to run a capitalist enterprise with the core intention of creating social good - it's hard to fathom with all the corruption in front of our faces these days - but it can and does exist. 

Where do profits go?:  There are no profits being generated and we're far from it.  But we are currently looking for good causes that proceeds can be given to.  We'd also love to consider multiple recipients.  If you have an organization that you think we should be partnering with, please contact us.